MISSION: To be the catalyst to encouraging individuals within our region to build up their desire to seek outdoor activities. We will promote outdoor recreation and active lifestyles by endorsing the health and wellness aspect of outdoor activity. We will work with existing organizations in the region, utilizing established resources to bring active groups of people together, build accessibility to the outdoors, and generate a broader community of enthusiasts, thus creating a better quality of life to the individuals in this region.

Be Active Outdoors was established to encourage individuals to be active in the outdoors by eliminating mental and physical barriers to outdoor recreational activities. BAO’s mission will embody the following canons: 

1. To work with other organizations to create opportunities for underprivileged and underrepresented individuals;
2. To make outdoor activities affordable and available to all, regardless of age, race, gender, income or community;
3. Increase outdoor opportunities within the Wisconsin/Illinois communities;
4. Foster positive personal growth among individuals in the community through adopting an active lifestyle;
5. To further our goals and build the organization, we will bring awareness to outdoor activities and natural assets in the region and encourage more people (either locals or people outside the region) to utilize these assets.
6. Create an engaging online presence that will stimulate individuals to be more active outdoors.
7. Speak to and engage businesses and individuals.
8. Generate knowledge of the organization through marketing, social media and other media.
9. Utilize people and advocates within our communities to create awareness.

Be Active Outdoors - inspiring tomorrow's outdoor enthusiast