Transcendence Mural will inspire those who use the Fox River Trail

Transcendence Mural Martin Soto Hesed House Aurora Illinois Public Art Fox River Trail (Custom)Be Active Outdoors is a non-profit with the mission to be a catalyst to encourage individuals to seek outdoor activities. We are pleased to support the transformation of the back of Hesed House Comprehensive Resource Center building in Aurora, Illinios into a beautiful, inspirational mural that captures the spirit of not only the mission of Hesed House, but captures the spirit of the people of Aurora. Hesed House serves the homeless in Aurora and the building sits along the Fox River Trail. The artist Martin Soto appropriately named this mural “Transcendence”, a word that’s origin means “to climb beyond”, or go beyond the ordinary limits… excelling.

It’s been exciting to see the community come together to paint this beautiful mural stroke by stroke, bit by bit this fall. Transforming an eyesore into a beautiful public art installation along the trail. I look forward to seeing the completed project.

Since Be Active Outdoors became involved with the City of Aurora several years ago with our Amped Up Adventure Races, the city has been in a state of transformation and truly has been excelling at revitalizing the heart of the community along the river. It’s exciting to see the positive momentum that has created outdoor activities and animation of your riverfront.

Thank you to Charlie Zine for seeing an opportunity to improve the Fox River Trail, and thank you Martin Soto for creating a mural that truly depicts the spirit of this community.

Submitted by Therese Oldenburg, president, Be Active Outsoors, Inc.

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